Clarity & Fidelity:

Sound systems with clarity & fidelity are more enjoyable to listen to. Your ears ring less after a night out. You have a better time because you brain is not tired from filtering out distortion. It is easier to chat to friends, even when the music is loud. And you’ll hear music and speech the way you should.

We make pro-audio loudspeakers that achieve clarity & fidelity when the music is loud. We do this by using an array of soft dome tweeters instead of a conventional compression driver. We call this our SDS Horn™ technology, which stands for ‘Soft Dome Source in a horn.

At Traction Sound, we love it when science backs up what our ears tell us. We commissioned independent measurements. They showed exactly how much clarity & fidelity our technology achieves. The tests compared the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) between our SDS Horn™ and a range of compression drivers. The tests were at an SPL of 110dB with the THD measured at 5kHz. The compression drivers had a THD ranging between 0.6% and 2.3%. Meanwhile our SDS Horn™ measured a THD of just 0.2%. At higher frequencies and higher volumes the difference measured was even more pronounced.

Focused Sound:

Delivering clarity & fidelity isn't the only way we improve the listening experience. Our sound systems focus sound exactly where you need it  while keeping it away from reflective surfaces. This allows you to hear the sound system and not the venues reverberations. The result is more intelligible music and speech.

Louder for Further:

Focused sound travels further before it starts getting quiet. It is like the difference between how a laser and a floodlight project light. This means your listening experience is similar whether you are in the front row or at the back of the room. For venues and technicians it means that you need fewer speakers to reach the whole audience.

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