Who we are:

Traction Sound helps your business be great by sounding great.

We make professional sound systems in the UK. Our loudspeakers deliver exceptional clarity and fidelity in a way that benefits your business. Whether you run a nightclub, bar or theatre our loudspeakers have something for you. They also help mobile DJs and rental companies sound great.

Our Hear : More philosophy summarises our ethos and our passion.

Hear : More

We believe in creating sound systems that sound great and are enjoyable to listen to. At their heart is our SDS Horn™ technology.  This gives you better clarity that you can actually measure. Better clarity means you ears don't ring after a night out. You also have a better time because you brain is not tired from filtering out harmonic content. Besides this we have fun making bass bins that engulf you in sound.

Hear : More

But we’re not just about great sound. We also believe in looking after the environment and your wallet. We seek out new ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our systems, and your running costs. That means working with local suppliers and companies with a green ethos whenever possible. And it means getting the most sound out of the least raw materials through innovative design.

Our people

Billy Wood

Billy and his team develop and manufacture our sound systems.

Jonny Goodwillie

Jonny ensures that we deliver everything to the highest quality.

Shreddie Glew

Shreddie has our golden ears and he makes sures our loudspeakers sound great.

Our History

Our roots go back to the early 90's dance music scene in an English seaside town called Brighton. These were the days when nightclubs did not have proper sound systems. Instead the promoters brought in their own. Jonny and Shreddie developed their passion for sound systems in this environment. They strung up their own hand built speaker stacks and met putting on parties. Billy was also getting involved around the turn of the millennium.

At this point Billy turned his back on a career in Aerospace Engineering. Instead he went on to start a local PA Hire company. He then began building and refining loudspeakers to support his local music scene. Demand grew and before he knew it a couple of hundred of his loudspeakers were in venues and out gigging. Meanwhile Jonny and Shreddie went off and pursued different careers.

Jonny veered away from sound systems but stayed in the Music Industry. He was out promoting in clubs and at live shows. He presented a radio show on Brighton's Juice 107.2  and span records across Europe. But most importantly he ran Catskills Records & Music Publishing. All the time developing a meticulous ear and eye for detail.

Shreddie's journey took him around the world DJ'ing and snowboarding. Whilst in the Alps he presented a show on Swiss national radio station Couleur 3. His radio experience also included producing for BBC world service. This developed his appreciation of sound quality's importance.

Fast forward to 2009 and the three friends decide to return to their first passion: sound systems. The following year Traction Sound released the ground breaking SDS range of loudspeakers. These were for corporate installations. Since then, we have grown into the company we are today. We use the finest components hand picked from around the world. Our specialist team in England does the final assembly, QC and testing.

Our Products

At the heart of our sound systems is an array of soft dome tweeters, or what we call the SDS Horn™. This replaces the conventional compression driver you usually find in Pro Audio loudspeakers. We don't like compression drivers because of their diaphragm break-up and non-linear air distortion. Come and have a listen to hear the difference the low distortion of our soft dome makes.

Over the last few years we have been focusing on how to cut energy costs while the sound system is playing. As most of the energy content in music is in the low end you need sensitive bass bins to use less electricity. Our solution is to refine loudspeakers using a 6th order bandpass configuration. In development we pay careful attention to increase cabinet gain in a musical way.

When sourcing components we start by seeing what we can get close to home. This supports our local economy and cuts our carbon footprint. This means that all woodwork and metal work gets done to the highest standard in the United Kingdom. The plastic horns also get moulded in the UK. The Italian drive units and amplifiers do come from a bit further a field. This is because of their world beating quality.

Both passive and active loudspeakers are available. Active loudspeakers feature amplifier modules from Powersoft. We like working with the Italian company because their amplifiers are the most efficient. If you analyse the specs the science backs this up. Plus they are great fun to work with.

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