Use Less Electricity:

We like to offer people more from their sound system. This has led us to develop loudspeakers that consume less electricity. Our solution is to refine loudspeakers using a 6th order bandpass configuration. In development we pay careful attention to increase cabinet gain in a musical way.

Most of the energy content in music is in the low end. Increase the sensitivity of a bass speaker by just 3dB and music can play as loud with half as much electricity. This is better for the environment and also reduces energy costs.

For instance our BP18 Atlas has a sensitivity of 105dB at at one watt over one meter (1w/1m). This was from independent measurements. We ask you to go and compare this to a few single 18" bass cabinets from other manufacturers to see the difference.

Lower overheads

Loudspeakers are only part of the sound system. We also pay careful attention to our amplifier selection. Amplifiers power loudspeakers and create heat. Those that run cooler for a given output power use less electricity. Our active cabinets are powered by Powersoft.

The amplifiers we use have low heat dissipation during normal operation (1/8 rated power). This means that you waste little power when you use our sound systems. The benifit of using less electricity is lower running costs and a low carbon footprint.

Increase bar sales:

Easy communication allows you to take drink and food orders smoothly which can speed up turnover. Our sound systems offer great clarity and fidelity making it easy to hear what the person next to you is saying.

Independent measurments have shown that compression drivers have higher distortion than our SDS Horn™. Distortion creates harmonics up the frequency spectrum and creates noise in the vocal range. This noise can mask what someone is saying and makes it hard to understand them.

Use Less loudspeakers:

Our sound systems focus sound exactly where you want it. The sound also travels further before it starts getting quiet. Imagine the difference between how a laser and a floodlight project light.

This allows you to get more coverage from less loudspeakers. If your permanent installation is a theatre or nightclub you will need less loudspeakers. You will reduce both your power consumption and installation costs. If you are work at events it will be louder at the back with less speakers. This means you have less work when setting up and need a smaller van deliver the sound system.

Get repeat custom:

We want your business to be a success and believe our sound systems can help. Good sound leads to a great atmosphere and easy communication. At venues such as Theatres, Nightclubs or Bars people will come back for more. Rental Operators and Mobile performers will get re-booked and recommended.

We have learnt that the clarity & fidelity offered by our SDS Horn™ will improve an atmosphere. Your clients and guests will be happy because their brain is not tired from distortion. They will also find it easy to talk because their is no masking of their speech by distortion.

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